Johan Fourie 71 and wife Cecile 72 ‘slaughtered like animals’ on Trompsburg, FS farm

Elderly Fourie couple of Trompsburg ‘slaughtered like animals’ Volksblad reportws on the farm murders of Johan Fourie (71) and his wife, Cecile (72) in Trompsburg. Saturday at 15:00, after having lunch in town with their son and daughter-in-law, the couple returned to their farm, Knoppe. They were found dead in their bedroom RT shortly before 20:00 that same night. Both had bullet wounds.The murderer(s) are believed to have gained access to the farm house through a bathroom window and were probably waiting for the couple to return home. Farmers in the area became concerned when the couple didn’t respond to calls on the Marnet-radio. These calls are done at specific times ever night by farmers. A resident described them as “very friendly people who wouldn’t harm a fly”. Hardened police officers said that this was one of the worst crime scenes they’ve had to deal with. The Afrikaner couple were ‘slaughtered like animals’. The murderers waited for the couple to return to the farm house from church and drank alcohol while they waited. A traumatized Louis-Chris Fourie said, “It is my dad, he was murdered…what can I say?” http://www.volksblad.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Soos-skape-geslag-20120910 http://www.volksblad.com/Suid-Afrika/Nuus/Dubbele-plaasmoord-skok-Trompsburg-gemeenskap-20120909



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