One-third of 3m white Afrikaners destitute in land of their birth

poorafrikanerfeedingscheme_solidarity_sept2007From: http://adrianastuijt.blogspot.com/2007/11/one-third-of-3m-white-afrikaners.html

woensdag 14 november 2007
 South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners — all multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethic — are being forced back into destitution by the current ANC-regime’s laws which bars “white” Afrikaners from the labour market because their skins are paler than those of the members of the ruling-party.


This article was translated and elaborated upon from the original Afrikaans by Adriana Stuijt.
Picture: impoverished Afrikaner children’s feeding scheme through Solidarity Trade Union
South Africa has about 4,5-m ethnic-Europeans of whom some 3-million are Afrikaners — people whose northern-European forebears had launched the country’s commercial agricultural traditions some 350 years ago.

The Afrikaans journalist De Wet Retief wrote in Rapport newspaper about the findings of an extensive survey of the current living conditions of the country’s Afrikaner community. This survey, carried out by the “Helping Hand” charity of Solidarity trade union, found that Afrikaners, within 13 years of ANC-hegemony, have now returned to the identical destitution they had been plunged into shortly after the Anglo-Boer war in 1902 right up to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

During those years, this so-named ‘poor Afrikaner’ problem in South Africa was even highlighted by an international Red Cross report at that time – and international aid funding was made available to try and alleviate the destitution of poor Afrikaners in those years.

Now, the housing crisis for the country’s 1-million destitute, unemployable Afrikaners again takes on criticial proportions — this time far worse than their situation during the Great Depression, warns Dr Dawie Theron of the Helping Hand Fund – which is sponsored by Solidarity Trade Union’s membership.
“Drive through Danville in the Pretoria district, through the Daspoort tunnel to Booysens, Pretoria-Gardens and Daspoort,” writes Rapport.

“The size of the plots are all about the same, but look over the fences and you see the Wendy Houses, the shacks, and the tents housing the Afrikaner destitute families all stuffed in behind the main houses.”And these are only a few examples of how the face of poverty has changed in South Africa.

“In fact a large, new Poor Afrikaner problem – with the identical squatter towns seen just after the Anglo-Boer War and during the Great Depression, when people migrated in large numbers from the countryside to the cities, is developing once again.”

“It’s no longer unusual to see Afrikaners begging, and according to the youngest official statistics from 2006, there were 900,000 unemployed Afrikaners in South Africa living in total destitution, with no incomes at all.The SA regime denies food-aid to empoverished Afrikaners – claiming that they belong to the ‘previously advantaged class’ and thus often do not ‘qualify’ – even children born after 1994, after apartheid.


5 Responses to “One-third of 3m white Afrikaners destitute in land of their birth”

  1. 2 A.
    January 5, 2009 at 5:17 pm


    I also use the word “genocide” often, to describe the shift of my own country, Piedmont, between Italy and France, so I can understand. All what I can say is resist, organize, get weapons. If you leave for another country you may find a better living, but you’ll never be a people.

    Any injustice your ancestors did to black people, does not justify expropriation of your land by economic pressure.

    Best wishes,


  2. 3 powell
    October 26, 2009 at 3:16 am

    i cryed for hours after reading this ,i left in 1993 i am glad i did but just wish i could of taken a few people with me ,i just hope the blacks attack the world cup visiters and then mybe the world will wake up.i am wrighting to my m.p about this matter god bless.

  3. June 8, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Hello, I have been following your articles and i would like to know if you are aware of the work that ” Life Campaigns” is doing in this country for the afrikaners in particular those weho are destitute and without income.www.lifecampaigns.co.za,i hope you will lead others to see that there are some who has not lost hope yet and have used all their clout from South africa right the way through to London and Amsterdam to effect change.This is a call to all South african and all ex pats to join forces and simply support these guys,in my opinion the are atleast working at not just charity they are working at a fantastic solution. Bherger.

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