Victim’s parents stuck in Zim

http://Victim’s parents stuck in Zim
30/06/2008 08:36  – (SA) 
Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria – The Zimbabwean election has made it impossible so far for the parents of a pregnant woman, who was brutally murdered last week in her house in Waverley in Pretoria, to obtain emergency passports to travel to South Africa.

Antoinette Botha, 35, was eight months pregnant with her second boy when attackers beat her to death with a brick.

The attackers hid her body under the duvet on her bed and made off with electrical appliances and the black Mercedes Benz belonging to her and her partner, Pieter Brooklyn Moon, 39.

Too late to save baby

Paramedics tried to find the unborn baby’s heartbeat to see if they could save the baby, but it was too late.

Moon said Botha’s parents George, 79, and Vera Botha, 75, had been in regular contact with him over the phone since their daughter’s death.

“Netcare 911 offered to help us to bring Antoinette’s parents to South Africa as soon as possible.

“I expect Antoinette’s father to be here on Wednesday at the latest,” Moon said.

Her mother had not yet been able to obtain a passport.

Moon, who owns his own travel business, said he was going to identify his wife’s body on Monday.

He and his son Murelle, 2, are currently staying with his sister Tessa Keppler and her family in Eersterust.

‘She was a good person’

He spoke of the day his wife was murdered, “I drove onto the property after 17:00 and parked my minibus. The kitchen door was standing open.”

He went to call his neighbour Cobus Botha.

“We walked through the house but I immediately noticed things like my laptop were gone. We went to the main bedroom – and then I saw her foot sticking out from beneath the duvet.

“It’s difficult waking up alone in the morning.

“She was a good person and very loving and went out of her way to make us happy.”

No one has been arrested yet.



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