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Victim’s parents stuck in Zim

http://Victim’s parents stuck in Zim
30/06/2008 08:36  – (SA) 
Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria – The Zimbabwean election has made it impossible so far for the parents of a pregnant woman, who was brutally murdered last week in her house in Waverley in Pretoria, to obtain emergency passports to travel to South Africa.

Antoinette Botha, 35, was eight months pregnant with her second boy when attackers beat her to death with a brick.

The attackers hid her body under the duvet on her bed and made off with electrical appliances and the black Mercedes Benz belonging to her and her partner, Pieter Brooklyn Moon, 39.

Too late to save baby

Paramedics tried to find the unborn baby’s heartbeat to see if they could save the baby, but it was too late.

Moon said Botha’s parents George, 79, and Vera Botha, 75, had been in regular contact with him over the phone since their daughter’s death.

“Netcare 911 offered to help us to bring Antoinette’s parents to South Africa as soon as possible.

“I expect Antoinette’s father to be here on Wednesday at the latest,” Moon said.

Her mother had not yet been able to obtain a passport.

Moon, who owns his own travel business, said he was going to identify his wife’s body on Monday.

He and his son Murelle, 2, are currently staying with his sister Tessa Keppler and her family in Eersterust.

‘She was a good person’

He spoke of the day his wife was murdered, “I drove onto the property after 17:00 and parked my minibus. The kitchen door was standing open.”

He went to call his neighbour Cobus Botha.

“We walked through the house but I immediately noticed things like my laptop were gone. We went to the main bedroom – and then I saw her foot sticking out from beneath the duvet.

“It’s difficult waking up alone in the morning.

“She was a good person and very loving and went out of her way to make us happy.”

No one has been arrested yet.



Sakeman in hart geskiet,,3-975_2348424,00.html

Jun 27 2008 09:21:29:537PM  – (SA)

Marietie Louw-Carstens

Polokwane (Pietersburg). – ’n Bekende sakeman van dié stad is koelbloedig in sy huis vermoor toe ’n rower hom in die hart geskiet het.

Mnr. Piet Venter (56), eienaar van Venter-Bore en PFC-Freight Transport, is eergisteraand op slag dood. Sy vrou, Wilma (54), is in die regterbeen geskiet toe twee mans hulle in hul huis op die hoek van Erasmus- en McDonaldstraat in Florapark oorval het.

Kort voor dié aanval het vermoedelik dieselfde twee rowers ’n 38-jarige vrou twee strate verder in haar huis verkrag.

Dié gebied, naby die Savannah-winkelsentrum, is verlede jaar ook deur misdaad geruk toe mnr. Peter Cassidy, ’n joernalis, in McDonaldstraat in sy huis vermoor is.

Die polisie het teen druktyd ’n 36-jarige man vir ondervraging in verband met albei voorvalle aangehou.

Venter se seun, André, het gister geskok buite die huis gesê: “ ’n Mens is nêrens meer veilig nie. ’n Ou dink dit kan nie met jou gebeur nie . . . dan is dit net so verby.”

Die Venters is omstreeks 23:00 in hul slaapkamer oorval nadat die rowers ’n skuifdeur oopgebreek het. Hulle het pistole gehad, geld geëis en gevra waar die kluis is.

Mnr. Dirk du Plooy, hul skoonseun, het gesê die rowers het die egpaar uit die bed gedwing om te gaan wys waar die kluis is. Die egpaar het in ’n spaarkamer geglip en probeer wegkruip. “Die rowers het toe gesê hulle moet uitkom, anders skiet hulle my ouma.”

Mev. Poppie Goosen (90), mev. Venter se ma, het in ’n ander kamer geslaap. Sy het van Louis Trichardt by hulle gekuier.

Du Plooy sê die egpaar het uit die spaarkamer gekom en die rowers het sy skoonma in die regterbobeen geskiet. Mnr. Venter het die rowers na die opwaskamer gelei, waar hy ’n deur wat na die motorhuis lei, oopgesluit het. “My skoonpa wou hulle in die motorhuis toesluit. Hy het die deur oopgesluit, omgedraai en toe begin hulle te skiet.” het hy gesê.

Mnr. Venter het daarin geslaag om sy vrou uit die pad te stamp. Twee skote het die wasmasjien getref, een het mnr. Venter in sy linkerhand getref en nog een in die hart. Hy is op slag dood. “My skoonma het gegil en die twee rowers het weggehardloop.” Sy is ongedeerd.

Die rowers het met drie selfone en ’n handsak met R80 en bankkaarte daarin gevlug. Hulle het nooit by die kluis, wat in die hoofslaapkamer is, uitgekom nie.

Mev. Venter het die nooddienste en familielede gebel.

Insp. Lesiba Ramoshaba, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê dieselfde twee rowers het vermoedelik om 20:00 eergisteraand ’n 38-jarige vrou in Bekkerstraat verkrag, en geld en juwele gesteel.

Venter jr. het gister gesê dit is presies ’n jaar en twee dae gelede dat sy broer, Gustav (33), doodgeskok is in ’n ongeluk met boortoerusting op ’n hoewe buite Polokwane.

Mev. Venter het gister by haar huis aangesterk. “Sy is baie geskok en emosioneel,” het Venter jr. gesê.

Enigiemand met inligting kan die Polokwane-polisie bel by 015 290 6620.


Exodus from SA to Israel


In June last year we advised South African Jews to go to Israel. Almost a year hence, and who knows how many bodies later, mainstream media have finally caught up:
“Sheldon Cohen was sitting in his car outside a Johannesburg sports stadium last week waiting for his son Noah to finish soccer practice.
Sheldon, 47, was talking to his father, Jack, on his cellphone when three young men ran past and shot him in the neck. Jack, realizing something terrible had happened, sped to the stadium.
The killers, who had moments before tried unsuccessfully to snatch a cellular phone from a woman parked nearby who was also waiting for her son, had seen Sheldon on the phone and thought he was calling the police. So they killed him. Jack arrived shortly after to see his son’s body slumped in his car, with grandson Noah standing watch.
A week earlier, a Jewish man walking to synagogue in Johannesburg was stopped by several men in a passing car. One man got out of the car and demanded that the Jewish man hand over his tallit bag, thinking it contained valuables. The Jew refused, and was shot to death. Searching through his victim’s bag, the attacker found nothing of value to himself and left it on the sidewalk.
According to South African press reports, police recorded 126,000 armed robberies in the 2006-2007 fiscal year. Exactly a decade ago, that figure stood at 70,000.
….of the Jews who leave Johannesburg, about a third go to Australia, and two-thirds to Israel and other places.
Ofer Dahan, the Jewish Agency’s emissary in South Africa, says there has been a dramatic increase in applications for aliya over the past two months.
Dahan says there is a 100-percent increase in interest in aliya from last year, and a 300% increase in those opening aliya files over the past two months. In 2007, 240 South African Jews and former Israelis made aliya, an increase from 143 in 2006 and 98 in 2005. Dahan says his staff are working round the clock, and have even had to hire outside staff to help cope with the demand.”
What the Jerusalem Post reporter failed to tell his readers (we didn’t) was why exactly a move to Israel—ostensibly a spot where homicidal Palestinian suiciders often attack—is so much better than SA, and even parts of the US.
We gave the numbers:
“Israel’s overall death rate from crime is very low; lower than that of the US, which is, overall, about 6 in 100,000. … Remarkably, in 2004, Israel’s death by murder was 3.7 per 100,000 for civilians only; 4.3 when soldiers were included. (“Homicide rates in 2004 in a number of major U.S. cities, including the nation’s capital, exceeded rates of Palestinian fatalities at the hands of Israel’s army in the past year.”)
It shows you, this one-woman band is able to offer better statistics-backed advice to desperate South Africans, who need level-headed advisors, than the mainstream newspapers with all their resources and biases. It’s about knowing what information matters.
Afrikaner non-Jews might want to consider converting. Israel may just be their last resort. The country is hungry for western immigrants, affords a nice life-style, as well as the hot weather Afrikaners so enjoy. Military service will also thrill the typical hardy Afrikaner.
And don’t forget: Israel was perhpas the only good friend the Old, orderly South Africa (warts and all) had:
“One of the most hidden but critical of South Africa’s strategic relationships during the apartheid era was that with Israel, including both the Labor and the Likud governments. Israel officially opposed the apartheid system, but it also opposed broad international sanctions against Pretoria. For strategic reasons, much of the debate in Israeli government circles stressed coordinating ties to Pretoria within the framework of the tripartite relationship among Jerusalem, the United States (Israel’s primary benefactor), and South Africa. Israel was also opposed to international embargoes in general, largely as a consequence of its own vulnerability to UN and other international sanctions.
South Africa and Israel had collaborated on military training, weapons development, and weapons production for years before broad sanctions were imposed in the late 1980s. Military cooperation continued despite the arms embargo and other trade restrictions imposed by the United States and much of Western Europe…”

Update: Those who are new to our ongoing discussion of the New South Africa, and in particular to the treatment emigration from that accursed country has received on BAB, please read “Advice to South Africans Contemplating Emigration,” and “Please Can My Sister Become and Illegal Immigrant.” We also direct welcomed newcomers, and or weary old timers with who’ve forgotten, to our Africa Archive.


Malema verwoord essensie van ANC-denke

Geskryf deur Dan Roodt
Sondag, 22 Junie 2008

Dis nogal amusant hoe vandag se Sunday Times op die uitspraak van Julius Malema, die ANC-jeugleier, reageer. Malema word afgemaak as die “mamparra van die week” en oor die algemeen word sy uitspraak ten gunste van geweld nie ernstig opgeneem nie.

Nie te lank gelede nie is Robert Mugabe se dreigemente insgelyks as retoriek beskou wat mens nie “letterlik” moes opneem nie. Ook in die tyd van Peter Mokaba wat lustig voor sy ondersteuners gesing het, “Kill a Boer, kill a farmer”, is ons verseker dat dit bloot ‘n vryheidsliedjie en ‘n metafoor was.

Intussen word boere (kleinletter) en Boere (hoofletter) steeds by die duisende elke jaar vermoor.

Sedert die ANC aan bewind gekom het, word die datum 16 Junie jaarliks gebruik om anti-wit sentiment in die land aan te blaas. Die feit dat meer swartes verlede maand in die geweld teen vreemdelinge as op 16 Junie 1976 gesterf het, word deur niemand as van belang beskou nie. Daar sal nooit ‘n spesiale vakansiedag vir die slagoffers van geweld teen buitelanders wees nie.

Dat Malema dus 16 Junie gekies het om geweld te predik, is nie toevallig nie. Net gister het hy sy standpunt herbevestig en gesinspeel op die tradisie van gewelddadige revolusie in die ANC.

Die ANC, soos Mugabe se Zanu-PF, die ou Bolsjewiste in Rusland, Mao Tsetoeng en sy Rooi Wagte, asook baie ander, is ‘n organisasie wat die geweldsetos as’t ware met sy moedersmelk ingekry het. Die gematigde gesig wat die ANC aan die sakesektor en aan buitelandse diplomate toon, is slegs ‘n masker. Daaragter skuil ‘n meedoënlose, revolusionêre monster wat nie sal rus voordat Suid-Afrika geheel en al “getransformeer” (lees: revolusionêr verander) is nie.

Dat blankes en veral die Afrikaner glad nie deel uitmaak van die ANC se toekomsplanne nie, is geen geheim nie. Malema het vandeesweek bloot bevestig dat pogings deur die howe om Zuma van die presidentskap te weerhou en om grondonteiening en die res van die ANC se radikale program te kortwiek, uiteindelik met geweld beantwoord sal word.

Dit wil ongelukkig voorkom asof die Afrikaner – en veral sy vorige geslag leiers wat in hul kinderlike naïwiteit gedink het dat ons die verval en onstabiliteit van post-koloniale Afrika à la Zimbabwe gespaar gaan bly – steeds in die waan verkeer dat die swart nasionaliste van die ANC ons goedgesind is.

Ons mense is ook geneig om die gerusstellings van die buiteland, spesifiek Brittanje, vir soetkoek op te eet. Immers was dit die Britte wat FW de Klerk en Roelf Meyer oortuig het om onvoorwaardelik aan die ANC oor te gee, pleks van beter te onderhandel vir ‘n bedeling waarin ons nog oor ‘n mate van mag en invloed, asook waarborge vir ons voortbestaan, beskik het.

Die Britte het insgelyks in 1980 vir Robert Mugabe as ‘n briljante swart leier opgehemel en ‘n rooskleurige toekoms vir die nuwe Zimbabwe voorspel. Tans poog Brittanje om sy eie maaksel in daardie land ongedaan te maak deur ‘n baie middelmatige vakbondleier by name Morgan Tsvangirai teen die revolusionêre Mugabe te steun. Brittanje meng ook openlik in dié land se sake in, net soos wat dit in die laat tagtiger- en vroeë negengtigerjare in Suid-Afrika se sake ingemeng het ten einde die revolusionêre party, die ANC, aan bewind te stel.

Hoewel Zuma berekend oor die afgelope jaar gerusstellende uitsprake oor die Afrikaner en sy plek in die land gemaak het, kan dieselfde nie van sy kollegas en veral sy ondersteuners soos Mamela en die ANC-jeugliga gesê word nie.

Die radikales is stadig maar seker besig om die oorhand in die ANC te verkry en die onlangse uitbarstings teen vreemdelinge het reeds aangetoon watter kruitvat Suid-Afrika vandag, 12 jaar na die einde van die gewraakte apartheid, verteenwoordig.

Revolusionêre retoriek word gewoonlik gevolg deur revolusionêre optrede. Dit is die les van post-koloniale Afrika waarvan nie ‘n enkele land ‘n gewelddadige bewindsverandering met gepaardgaande wanorde en selfs burgeroorlog vrygespring het nie.

Daar is diegene wat beweer dat die Afrikaner vandag, onder die invloed van Sewendelaan en Naspersdagblaaie met hul PK-propaganda, sy eie geskiedenis vergeet het. Ons mense sal ‘n nog groter fout begaan deur die Afrikageskiedenis van die afgelope dekade of vier te ignoreer.


Systematic extermination of white people

Cross posted from Right Truth

White farmers are being tortured and killed by blacks in South Africa. What does that have to do with us here in the United States? Some writers suggests events in South Africa may be a preview of things to come here in America. The suggestion is that whites in the United States ‘will compromise away their independence and ultimately their way of life.‘

After investigating this subject, I hesitated to write about it. Suggesting that ‘white’ people could possibly be on the receiving end of discrimination, hate, torture and even murder by people of ‘color’ is sure to bring out the negative comments. But this is something you must read about AND something you must see. I have included 4 videos that will give you a good idea what is going on. I urge you to watch them. I hope that you will be informed, educated a little bit, and challenged to find out more. As one person put it:

People used to say that South Africa was 20 years behind the rest of the Western world. [snip] Today, however, South Africa may be the grim model of the future Western world, for events in America reveal trends chillingly similar to those that destroyed our country. By Gemma Meyer (Gemma Meyer is the pseudonym of a South African journalist. She and her husband, a former conservative member of parliament, still reside in South Africa.)


Are whites planning an exodus from South Africa?


Whites could be planning a mass exodus from South Africa, according to a recent study by a prominent market research firm.
Poll data from South Africa compiled by a leading market research firm paints a dismal picture, according to NPI Chairman William H. Regnery, II.


Fully 20% of South Africans are either planning to emigrate or are seriously considering it. From the data compiled, it is easy to extrapolate that the overwhelming majority of those considering emigration are white.
The passing of whites from Zimbabwe and the exodus of whites from South Africa,” writes Regnery, “will fulfill the 1950s cry of Uhuru on a continental basis and make ‘African for the Africans’ a reality.”

Jake Orpen, Group Client Services Director at Synovate, the firm that released the study, laconically commented, “This is not really a surprise.”


SA rassewaansin peil nuwe dieptes










Geskryf deur Anton Barnard    
Donderdag, 19 Junie 2008 
In ‘n verregaande beslissing wat aan die tragi-komiese grens, het die Grondwethof vandag beslis dat Sjinese “swart” is, en derhalwe mag voordeel trek uit die gewettigde plundery van ander se bates bekend as swart ekonomiese bemagtiging (SEB).
Laat ek hierdie belaglike beslissing in perspektief stel: mense wat dikwels nie gebore Suid-Afrikaners is nie, mense van gans en al ‘n ander kontinent, mense wat dikwels nie enige inheemse taal nie, maar slegs Kantonees of Mandaryns magtig is, gaan benewens gebore Suid-Afrikaanse Sjinese in die toekoms bo blankes bevoordeel word, want hulle is glo “swart”.
Gaan die Sjinese voor in die ry staan vir bemagtiging wanneer konsessies vir perlemoenontginning uitgedeel word?
Blankes wie se families dikwels reeds vir geslagte op die kontinent woon, se status as tweedeklasburgers is opnuut bevestig deur hierdie verregaande hofbeslissing. Blankes wat nog nooit enige swarte benadeel het nie, moet ook die onderspit delf ten gunste van die nuwe geelswartes. Blanke kinders wat sedert 1994 gebore is, wat nooit in hulle lewe voordeel getrek het uit enige rassewetgewing nie, ook die armblankes wat krepeer in die blanke plakkerskamp langs die Krugersdorpdam, boorlinge van Afrika, sal moet terugstaan vir moedertaalsprekers van Kantonees.


Kan ons verwag dat daar nuwe soorte rassekwalifikasies ingestel gaan word om ook die gebore Taiwanees as swart te beskryf? Gaan die ANC-bewind een of ander toets, naas die potloodtoets, bedink om te bepaal wie se oë Oosters genoeg trek om te kwalifiseer vir “swart” ekonomiese bemagtiging?


Dit is asof blankes in ‘n Kafka-stuk vasgekeer is, waarin die bewind se waansinnige rassisme hom noop om enige iemand as swart te kategoriseer, net solank hy nie ‘n gebore blanke Suid-Afrikaanse burger en veral nie ‘n Afrikaner is nie. Ek sou nie verbaas wees as blonde Swede met ligte gelaatstrekke tot ere-swartes verklaar sou word uit hoofde van die Skandinawiese lande se ruimskootse befondsing van die huidige bewind se terreurdade in die verlede nie.


Die vraag is hoe lank blankes hierdie onhoudbare situasie gaan verdra. Daar moet sekerlik ‘n punt kom wanneer ons gaan opstaan en weier om verder as tweedeklasburgers vertrap te word. Gaan die rassewaansin van die ANC-bewind die sade vir ‘n opstand onder Afrikaners plant, een wat heeltemal vermybaar was?