Petition currently circulating in South Africa

My suster se seun het Saterdag middag petrol
ingegooi by ‘n garage in Brakpan / Vulcania, 4 swartmans het hom oorval en sy
keel afgesny, Goddank hy lewe, hy is op longmasjiene en volgens die Dr’s sou
hy nie weer kon alleen asemhaal, of praat nie want sy nek is tot by werwels
Hy is nou nog nie ok nie, maar hy is baie beter, hy is nog in ICU

ASB teken die mail en stuur aan – moet hom nie lees as jy nie al die
gruesome detail wil hoor nie –

maar ASB sign en stuur aan!

Die ding ruk hand uit! Drie weke gelede is Zelda Zaaiman wat agter ons bly
dood geskiet en Woensdagaand – terwyl ons ‘n vergadering met Brooklyn
Polisie gehou het oor die beveiliging van ons buurte, is Mrs Rayburn van
Boys High, in Pienaar straat, se dogter verkrag, haar seun vasgebind en
aangerand en sy self amper ook verkrag.

Ons kan nie so aangaan nie!!

So teken asb!


More people are murdered daily in the’ Post Freedom Struggle’ ‘Peaceful’,
Democratic’, South Africa than any period during the so-called ‘Freedom
Struggle’ and/or the 17 years of international boycotts and sanctions against
South Africa

5,000 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world ‘is at

21,000 people were murdered in South Africa last year, and the rest of the
world turns a blind eye!

An 8 month-old baby girl was raped to death by 5 men in Cape Town , South
Africa , as they thought it would ‘cure their Aids’.

A 24 year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly raped in her home in Birch Acres
Kempton Park , South Africa on Monday, January 08, 01.

A five-month pregnant woman, her husband and their five-year-old daughter
were relaxing at home when four unknown men entered the house. The husband
(32) was tied up and held at gunpoint while the suspects raped his wife in
the dining room. The suspects then ransacked the house and took electrical
appliances, household goods and clothing valued at about R20000.

No arrests have been made. The gruesome list goes on and on . . .

For once, this is a worthwhile message to pass on
For my friend Jeremy Sutton who was murdered, leaving his 8-month pregnant
wife, Trish, behind – and for all others who have been touched by crime.

If Gary Teichmann can sign this so can all of us.

One Sunday Times front-page headlines stated:

Toddler sodimised to death. 2-year-old girl sodimised so brutally, her
wounds shocked doctors. Her anus and rectum were so severely injured that
medical staff could literally see 3cm inside her body. The rapist walks free
after police corrupted her file.

Dear Friends

Chris Duncan here. I know a lot of you have received petitions like this
before and many more like it. I also know that there is a serious problem in
South Africa .

I know a lot of you don’t feel that there is much of a problem and refuse to
be part of petitions to stop murder. I ask you now, please:

If you refuse to do a simple thing like placing a name to a list in an
attempt to bring it to the attention of your leaders, what are you doing
that the rest of us don’t know about to stop it?

Even if it’s to clear your conscience so that in a small way you can say you
did something, it is worth it. What would it take for you to suddenly spring
into action? Should your child, wife or husband need to be killed first?

Please think about it and think perhaps it can help instead of ‘what good
will it do?’ Following the latest child killings in Cape Town , I hope Cape
Tonians and South Africans in general are prepared to take a stand to stop
all this crime.

For our son Peter Marks who was brutally beaten to death leaving a young
wife and son of eight months and devastated family behind and for all others
who have been touched by crime.

We also need the world to know that even the soccer world cup has to be given to another country. In no way can we afford that this prestigious event is held here. No, I repeat no security and no laws in this country. Forward this e-mail to all your friends and media abroad. The government of South Africa does nothing so we will do something great from our side.


1 Response to “Petition currently circulating in South Africa”

  1. December 23, 2009 at 4:17 am

    my heart hurts deeply!..i wonder what I can do!..idk but ill try!..id hate for these things to happen to me or my family!:(

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