Premier of Kwa Zulu Natal argues for attacks on foreign whites

Source of above picture: http://www.opednews.com/maxwrite/uploaded/sa_2-20080523-85.jpg

The premier of the KwaZulu-Natal province S’bu Ndebele again insinuated that whites are responsible for the attacks on black African immigrants. Besides that all evidence e.g. video footage shows South African blacks attacking foreign blacks it also remains absurd to even consider the possibility that whites might be influencing blacks to launch the attacks.

The liberal white media has never encouraged such attacks and are in fact at the forefront of condemning these attacks. All the white political parties have condemned the attacks.

Whites have lost all political and institutional power since 1994 and pose no means to have such influence over the black public. There is absolutely no evidence to date to substantiate the racist South African regime’s absurd allegations. Since 1994 the white community has bent backwards to display good faith and intent towards blacks in general. There is no white movement in South Africa which propagates anti (black-) immigrant ideas or policies. The only anti immigrant groups to date have been identified at ANC and Cosatu branch level, as well as various black community organisations. Black South Africans have been disgruntled for some time now by the influx of Africans who are willing to work for much less and take their jobs. The current crises is the direct result of the regime’s open door policy to African immigrants.

In a desperate attempt to distract from the regime as the cause of the crises S’bu Ndebele points out that foreign whites are still excluded from the attacks. At face value his statement seems to intend demonstrating that whites are responsible for the attacks. It is however clear that he has a much more sinister intent. Ndebele, well known for his anti-white racist views, is clearly indulging in pointing out a new target group for the attackers. Though Ndebele singles out English, Portuguese and German foreigners SA Genocide Monitor recommends that all South African residents and citizens with English, Portuguese and German surnames take extra care of their personal safety.

Within the Africanist consciousness of the SA regime it can only be postulated that their ideologues sees the current wave of xenophobic attacks as a potential prelude and opportunity to violently purge South Africa of all its whites.


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