Silent Genocide: Why is the genocide in South Africa ‘silent’?

There can be no doubt that white South Africans, especially Afrikaners, in South Africa are subject to genocide. This genocide can be regarded as a Silent Genocide since it is denied by all major local and international role players e.g:

  • the South African regime;
  • South African media;
  • South African business sector;
  • International media;
  • Foreign governments;
  • United Nations and
  • International human rights organisations e.g. Genocide Watch and Amnesty International.

All of the above deny white South Africans their victimhood for a combination of the following reasons:

  • An unwillingness by international role players, e.g. foreign governments, and local role players, e.g. big business, to alienate the South African regime;
  • An immoral attitude by internationals that white South Africans deserve to ‘pay for their sins’;
  • The misperception that white South Africans are exaggerating the situation as part ‘ of a racist ploy to rally support against a black government’;
  • The misperception that ‘blacks cannot be racists’;
  • An attempt by foreign governments not to alienate their own black minorities and/or African countries in general, by assuming the survival cause of white South Africans/Afrikaners and
  • The fact that the South African genocide is a slow genocide and not a single event of mass murder, but rather a protracted serious of smaller events renders it deniable. Denialists therefore find it plausible to interpret the Silent Genocide as a socio-economic crime problem, rather than a politically motivated orchestration of hate crime. That it is indeed politically motivated hate crime has been demonstrated clearly elsewhere on this site.


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