Why the world ignores the plight of white South Africans

While the international community is ignoring our plight for survival, our people are being murdered, raped and tortured during what can most suitably be described as Mau-Mau style attacks. Indeed we claim that the government sponsors these activities, for not only is weaponry of the security forces often found on the scenes of these attacks, but daily we are bombarded with anti-white hate speech. This hate speech is distributed via the state media, various pro-government newspapers, from the podiums of the governing alliance’s (Communist Party, ANC and Cosatu) rallies, black radio stations etc. The regime’s involvement is implied at various levels.

The result is that our people suffer the most brutal attacks on farms, in their suburban homes , on the streets, in their gardens, in drive ways and every possible venue and space where these terrorists can lay their hands on us. This is a slow and silent genocide which is as brutal and barbaric as those currently being committed elsewhere in Africa. The ANC deliberately constructs an environment that leads to hate crime on whites.

While the governing party is constantly fuelling hatred against whites, it has legitimised whites as targets for these attacks. Everyday the black masses are reminded of who the enemy is and why we are deserving of different ‘treatment’. Coupled with the deliberate decrease of police patrols in white areas and the forced disarmament of whites it is now open season for those who want to revenge the past.

Approximately a year ago 1600 Apla and MK (black-) veteran soldiers were destined for training in Mozambique. Due to a logistical planning error these men were delivered inside of the border instead of on the Mozambican side. This exposed the sinister reality that there are mysterious military training camps outside South Africa, where former anti-South African terrorists are receiving refresher training. Which war are these soldiers being trained for? These are after all not SANDF training camps. At about the same time that this information became public, we experienced a massive increase in urban terror. This was also the time that a new phenomenon, of hit squad attacks on cash-in-transit vehicles, started. Do the attacks on the vehicles finance training camps intended to deploy urban terrorists? Since that time reports have been made of various similar training camps in other neighbouring states. The Afrikaner is indeed in serious trouble…

While we suffer these terrorist attacks daily, the liberal media locally and abroad try to paint it as a socio-economic problem. This is however a blatant lie. All indications are that violent crime hits whites disproportionately high. Furthermore, the racist slogans and physical torturing that these perpetrators incur on their white victims indicate that these are indeed pre-meditated hate crime attacks.

Yet the international community prefers to ignore what is happening in South Africa. Part of the reason is probably because of the general feeling among many internationals that white South Africans deserve such annihilation. This attitude is however immoral and unethical to say the least… The second reason is because the liberal media, like their South African colleagues, distorts the hate crime against whites as a socio-economic driven problem. Furthermore, the reasoning is that blacks also suffer because of crime and that crime on white people is therefore part of the same problem. The latter is however a distortion for five reasons.

  • Crime in the black communities is a community problem. The crime is committed by their own people, while the crime in white areas is also committed by black people and rarely by members of white communities.
  • The violent crime that blacks perpetrate against their own people is less in frequency, less in severity and lacks the component of torture that is incurred on whites.
  • The torturing of whites has no functional role in robbery. It is a purely sadistic practice in which the black perpetrators find immense delight. This is a clear indication of hatred as motive.
  • During these attacks the black perpetrators regularly flung racist remarks at the white victims. This serves as stark evidence of racism as motive.
  • During many of the most violent attacks on whites very little or nothing is stolen, which indicates that the crime was not perpetrated for material gain, but rather for the sake of emotional expression i.e. hatred. When items are stolen, it seems to be more of an added and opportunistic benefit than the primary motive.

Due to the silence of the international media regarding the Silent Genocide, the international public is not aware of the true state of affairs. In fact, many white South Africans, are also mislead by their own liberal media.

The liberal international forces have forsaken their ‘moral high ground’ in order to deny the Afrikaner his victimhood, thus exposing them to be biased against their own ‘moral convictions’. Clearly much of this bias arises from the historical anti-Afrikaner sentiment that is traditionally cultivated by English academics, -clergy, -politicians, – activists, – journalists etc. Their influence and hatred is so pervasive that even the internationally acclaimed Genocide Watch (which has a significant Anglophile contingent) ignores the Silent Genocide in South Africa.

The question thus arises, ‘to whom should the Afrikaner turn during this crisis?’ The Neo-Conservatives in the United States would seem to be a natural ally yet this movement has no interest in the plight of the Afrikaner, as its primary concern is capital and not human rights. This leaves the Afrikaner with the smaller and less influential (even marginalised) rightwing organisations in the US and elsewhere as possible allies. Though many of these might have the intention to assist in some or other way, they are either too marginalised to do so or lack any significant resources and infrastructure to be of any real assistance.

It would thus seem that it will be up to the Afrikaner himself to stop the Silent Genocide. We will have to find our own ways of fighting this evil scourge. In the end the only realistic answer will be our own liberation from the Communist-ANC-Cosatu oppressor.


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