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The Genocide In Democratic South Africa


They are conservative, Christian Caucasians, a fact that might help explain why the fashionable left in the West doesn’t much care that they’re being exterminated.

The Boers—or farmers—of South Africa have tilled the land for generations, on small holdings or on large commercial farms. But orgiastic killing sprees by The People, in combination with a Stalinesque land grab by their representatives, is threatening this minority’s survival.

Not to mention making life an inferno for farmers across the county.

Journalists for “Carte Blanche,” the South African equivalent of “20/20,” conducted a six-month investigation into what has become known as farm murders, or “plaasmoorde” in Afrikaans. The short documentary opens with a funeral, Elsie Swart’s. Elsie was one of three farmers killed in the span of only seven days. She died after being “severely tortured, burned with an electric iron, beaten, and strangled to death.”

The victims of this ongoing onslaught, we are told, are invariably elderly, law-abiding, god-fearing whites, murdered in cold blood, in ways that beggar belief. For the edification of racism spotters in the West, “Carte Blanche” ought to have pointed out that their assailants are always black.

Typically, the heathens will attack on Sundays. On returning from church, the farmer is ambushed. Those too feeble to attend Sunday service are frequently tortured and killed when the rest are worshiping. In one crime scene, Bibles belonging to the slain had been splayed across their mangled bodies. In another, an “old man’s hand rests on the arm of his wife of many years.” She raped; he, in all likelihood, made to watch. Finally, with their throats slit, they died side by side.

Beatrice Freitas has survived two farm attacks. Her equanimity belies the brutality she has endured. She and her husband immigrated to South Africa from Madeira 40 years ago. They built a thriving nursery near the Mozambiquean border. It supplied the entire region with beautiful plants. Some people build; others destroy. Beatrice tells her story as she drifts through the stately cycads surrounding the deserted homestead. There’s an ephemeral quality about her.

When the four men attacked her, Beatrice says her mind “disappeared.” She and her permanently disabled husband, José, were tied up while the home was ransacked. When the brutes were through, they wanted to know where she kept the iron. They then took her to the laundry room, where two of them raped her, coated her in oil, and applied the iron. They alternated iron with boot. When they were through, 25 percent of Beatrice’s body was covered in third-degree burns. They suffocated her with a towel, and left her for dead, but she survived. She says the Lord saved her.

No one was ever arrested—not then, and not after the couple was attacked three years later. This time Jose died “in a hail of bullets.” Arrests and convictions are rare. “Carte Blanche” tells of Dan Lansberg, shot dead in broad daylight. Members of his courageous farming community caught the culprits, but they “escaped” from the local police cells. As I’ve explained before, the newly configured South African police is a corrupt, illiterate, and ill-trained force, “riven by feuds, fetishes, and factional loyalties.” The South African justice system has collapsed, confirms Professor Neels Moolman, a criminologist. In democratic South Africa, a person has over a 90 percent chance of getting away with murder. Or as Moolman puts it, pursuing “a criminal career without fearing the consequences.”

Sky News sent its correspondent to the northern province of South Africa, where the viewers are introduced to Herman Dejager. (CNN’s Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper and his pal Angelina Jolie were nowhere in sight.) Before retiring every night, Herman prepares to fight to the death to protect what’s his. He checks his bulletproof vest, loads the shotgun, and drapes ammunition rounds on the nightstand.

Herman’s father died in his arms, shot in the face by intruders. Kaalie Botha’s parents were not so lucky: “You can’t kill an animal like they killed my mom and father. You can’t believe it.” Kaalie’s 71-year-old father’s Achilles tendons had been severed so he couldn’t flee. He was then hacked in the back until he died, his body dumped in the bush. His wife, Joey, had her head bashed in by a brick wielded with such force, the skull “cracked like an egg.”

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton heads Genocide Watch. He says the slaughter of 2000 Boers is genocide. (One wonders why “Carte Blanche” drastically underreported the number of murdered Boers, pegging it at 1400 all told, when back in January of 2006, Genocide Watch reported a total of 1820 murders.) The rates at which the farmers are being eliminated, the torture and dehumanization involved—all point to systematic extermination.

“Genocide is always organized, usually by the state,” Stanton has written on Genocide Watch’s website. Indeed, according to Sky News, the farmers believe “these attacks are an orchestrated, government sanctioned attempt to purge South Africa of white land owners, as has already happened in Zimbabwe.” Consequently, Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa, is now its dust bowl. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Marxist President, is greatly admired by Thabo Mbeki, South Africa’s strongman, and head of the African National Congress.

That certainly would explain why the ANC plans to dismantle the Commando System, a private Afrikaner militia that has existed since the 1770s, and is the only defense at the farmers’ disposal. More damning—and contrary to the pro-forma denials issued by the ANC’s oleaginous officials—The Daily Mail reported, in February 2006, that the government is dead-set-on forcibly seizing the land of thousands of farmers. By the year 2014, a third of the Boers’ property will have been given to blacks.

In democratic South Africa, dispossession is nine-tenths of the law.

©2007 By Ilana Mercer, also at FMNN, titled “The Kulaks of Democratic South Africa”

January 19


Petition currently circulating in South Africa

My suster se seun het Saterdag middag petrol
ingegooi by ‘n garage in Brakpan / Vulcania, 4 swartmans het hom oorval en sy
keel afgesny, Goddank hy lewe, hy is op longmasjiene en volgens die Dr’s sou
hy nie weer kon alleen asemhaal, of praat nie want sy nek is tot by werwels
Hy is nou nog nie ok nie, maar hy is baie beter, hy is nog in ICU

ASB teken die mail en stuur aan – moet hom nie lees as jy nie al die
gruesome detail wil hoor nie –

maar ASB sign en stuur aan!

Die ding ruk hand uit! Drie weke gelede is Zelda Zaaiman wat agter ons bly
dood geskiet en Woensdagaand – terwyl ons ‘n vergadering met Brooklyn
Polisie gehou het oor die beveiliging van ons buurte, is Mrs Rayburn van
Boys High, in Pienaar straat, se dogter verkrag, haar seun vasgebind en
aangerand en sy self amper ook verkrag.

Ons kan nie so aangaan nie!!

So teken asb!


More people are murdered daily in the’ Post Freedom Struggle’ ‘Peaceful’,
Democratic’, South Africa than any period during the so-called ‘Freedom
Struggle’ and/or the 17 years of international boycotts and sanctions against
South Africa

5,000 people were killed on Sept 11, 2001 in America and the world ‘is at

21,000 people were murdered in South Africa last year, and the rest of the
world turns a blind eye!

An 8 month-old baby girl was raped to death by 5 men in Cape Town , South
Africa , as they thought it would ‘cure their Aids’.

A 24 year-old pregnant woman was repeatedly raped in her home in Birch Acres
Kempton Park , South Africa on Monday, January 08, 01.

A five-month pregnant woman, her husband and their five-year-old daughter
were relaxing at home when four unknown men entered the house. The husband
(32) was tied up and held at gunpoint while the suspects raped his wife in
the dining room. The suspects then ransacked the house and took electrical
appliances, household goods and clothing valued at about R20000.

No arrests have been made. The gruesome list goes on and on . . .

For once, this is a worthwhile message to pass on
For my friend Jeremy Sutton who was murdered, leaving his 8-month pregnant
wife, Trish, behind – and for all others who have been touched by crime.

If Gary Teichmann can sign this so can all of us.

One Sunday Times front-page headlines stated:

Toddler sodimised to death. 2-year-old girl sodimised so brutally, her
wounds shocked doctors. Her anus and rectum were so severely injured that
medical staff could literally see 3cm inside her body. The rapist walks free
after police corrupted her file.

Dear Friends

Chris Duncan here. I know a lot of you have received petitions like this
before and many more like it. I also know that there is a serious problem in
South Africa .

I know a lot of you don’t feel that there is much of a problem and refuse to
be part of petitions to stop murder. I ask you now, please:

If you refuse to do a simple thing like placing a name to a list in an
attempt to bring it to the attention of your leaders, what are you doing
that the rest of us don’t know about to stop it?

Even if it’s to clear your conscience so that in a small way you can say you
did something, it is worth it. What would it take for you to suddenly spring
into action? Should your child, wife or husband need to be killed first?

Please think about it and think perhaps it can help instead of ‘what good
will it do?’ Following the latest child killings in Cape Town , I hope Cape
Tonians and South Africans in general are prepared to take a stand to stop
all this crime.

For our son Peter Marks who was brutally beaten to death leaving a young
wife and son of eight months and devastated family behind and for all others
who have been touched by crime.

We also need the world to know that even the soccer world cup has to be given to another country. In no way can we afford that this prestigious event is held here. No, I repeat no security and no laws in this country. Forward this e-mail to all your friends and media abroad. The government of South Africa does nothing so we will do something great from our side.


Xenofobie en walgvideo’s – die oplossing


Geskryf deur Gustav Venter

Source of picture:

Source of article:
Vrydag, 30 Mei 2008
Die jaar is nog jonk en reeds het die liberale Afrikaanse pers ons taalskatkis met twee begrippe verryk. Vroeg in die jaar het hulle vir ons die neologisme “walgvideo” geskenk en deesdae is dit die uitdrukking “xenofobiese aanvalle” wat voor ons oë gehou word.

Gegewe die spanning onder die pleisterwerk van die Nuwe Suid-Afrika is dit nie toevallig dat die twee begrippe dieselfde vraagstuk behandel nie. Van die eerste tot die laaste gaan dit oor die mislukking van die opgehemelde multikulturele staatsbestel van die Nuwe Suid-Afrika. Nie dat die hoofstroom Afrikaanse pers dit só verstaan het nie. Hulle het vergeet die monument was op sand gebou want hulle was te besig om die barste in die mure uit te kryt.

Die twee begrippe het ‘n werkskoors onder die griffelaars ontketen. Liters ink is opgeskryf en die luggolwe is geskroei met allerheilige verontwaardiging. Tog, na dit alles kon hulle nog nie die eenvoudige verband tussen dié twee gebeurtenisse insien nie; dat dit maar alles gaan oor die eenvoudigste van alle sosiale reëlings: Mense verkies dít wat eie aan hulle is en is regtens agterdogtig teenoor dít wat vreemd aan hulle kultuur is.

Hierdie basiese, ingebore drang na die eie is te sien in die Reitz-koshuisinwoners se traagheid om in een huishoudelike ruimte ingeklits te word met mense wat ‘n ander taal as hulle praat, ‘n ander klem op persoonlike omgang het, wat ander musiek luister, ander sport verkies en ‘n ander beskouing van sulke basiese sosiale elemente soos privaatheid en naaktheid het.

Hierdie selfde ingebore, natuurlike drang het township-inwoners genoop om die buitelanders om hulle te verdryf.

In albei gevalle het die liberale Afrikaanse media dieselfde tam, tam, tam ou voorskrif aangebied: Daar moet oor nasionale boeg ‘n gesindheidsverandering kom. Mense moet leer om anders te dink. Mense moet diep teue van daardie maatskaplike liefdeseliksir, integrasie, drink. Blanke redaksionele touleiers, waarvan nie een in ‘n township woon nie, waarvan nie een ‘n kind in ‘n oorwegende swart skool het nie, wat nie een met ‘n anderskleurige getroud is nie, het hosannas oor diversiteit, die liberalis se heilige graal, afgesteek.

Maar, soos enige Australiese rugbyskeidsregter, was hulle allermins konsekwent in hulle uitsprake. Hulle bolsjewistiese partyresitasie aangaande die vreemdelinghaat was dat dit ontstellend was, o ja, maar die townshippers se griewe verdien darem ook aandag.

Die Reitz-videomakers het nooit hierdie voordeel van die twyfel ontvang nie. Die liberalis durf nie die moontlikheid oorweeg dat Afrikanerstudente geldige besware kan hê nie. Sy hele filosofie sal in vlamme uitbars soos ‘n Pakistani-spazawinkel in Alexandra. Die liberalis is so besig om te preek hoe ons na mekaar moet luister dat hy nie tyd het om na die Reitz-inwoners te luister nie.

As ‘n mens die gemiddelde temperatuur van al die berigte oor dié twee gebeurtenisse neem, is daar geen twyfel nie: Die hoofstroom Afrikaanse media is op hulle volksverguisende beste baie meer ontstel oor die “walgvideo” as oor die “xenofobiese aanvalle.”

Die konsensus onder hulle is dat dit nie mooi is om hulpelose mense in die nag aan te val, te verwilder, te martel en te vermoor nie. Maar dit kon veel erger gewees het. Die ontevrede Alexandraïete kon iemand omgepraat het om in ‘n satiriese video te verskyn en om saam met hulle gek te skeer. En dan – o die onmenslikheid – dan kon hulle hom na die tyd met ‘n bottel whisky vergoed het. In die Nuwe Suid-Afrika se gruwelkonsert is Alexandra se danse macabre getroef deur Reitz se langarmsokkie.

Enkele dae gelede is daar besluit om Reitz-kamerwonings op die Kovsie-kampus te sluit. “Ons kon nie anders nie,” het die lamsakkige universiteitsbestuur gesê. Na wat berig word, sal die blanke inwoners van Reitz by tradisioneel swart koshuise ingedeel word.

Natuurlik het Naspers se susterskoerante die tamboeryne in die liberalistiese Hare Krishna-koordans gespeel. “Dit lyk na die korrekte…(besluit)” het die Beeld preuts gehyg en toe gerapsodieer oor die instituut vir diversiteit wat na bewering in Reitz se plek opgerig sal word.

Die geveinsdheid van die liberale Afrikaner ken geen perke nie.

Want moet wat vir Reitz geld nie ook van toepassing wees op Alexandra nie?

Maar wag, miskien is dit nie so ‘n slegte idee nie. Miskien het hulle iets beet. Miskien is die oplossing van die “xenofobiese aanvalle”-vraagstuk voor die hand liggend. Maak Alexandra eenvoudig toe en stuur die Suid-Afrikaanse inwoners om in ‘n plakkerskamp op die buitewyke van Harare te gaan bly! Briljant! En in die plek van Alexandra bou ons ‘n instituut vir diversiteit. Miskien selfs iets ambisieus; iets soos ‘n Disney-styltemapark. En die naam daarvan is vanselfsprekend. Welkom by Mugabeworld. In plaas van ‘n Hawaii-tipe graskransie word die besoeker met ‘n Firestone-buiteband om die nek ontvang.

Dit was ‘n brandende buiteband en ‘n vreemdeling se dood in ‘n vlammende halssnoerhel wat die sentrale indruk van die aanvalle op buitelanders geword het.

Die hoofstroommedia het in afgryse uitgebars. Maar wanneer hulle stil word, hoor mens nog steeds hoe hulle hulleself troos. Hy is die ergste darem gespaar:

Iemand kon flou Oros in sy kos gegooi het en ‘n video gemaak het terwyl hy dit eet.


Premier of Kwa Zulu Natal argues for attacks on foreign whites

Source of above picture:

The premier of the KwaZulu-Natal province S’bu Ndebele again insinuated that whites are responsible for the attacks on black African immigrants. Besides that all evidence e.g. video footage shows South African blacks attacking foreign blacks it also remains absurd to even consider the possibility that whites might be influencing blacks to launch the attacks.

The liberal white media has never encouraged such attacks and are in fact at the forefront of condemning these attacks. All the white political parties have condemned the attacks.

Whites have lost all political and institutional power since 1994 and pose no means to have such influence over the black public. There is absolutely no evidence to date to substantiate the racist South African regime’s absurd allegations. Since 1994 the white community has bent backwards to display good faith and intent towards blacks in general. There is no white movement in South Africa which propagates anti (black-) immigrant ideas or policies. The only anti immigrant groups to date have been identified at ANC and Cosatu branch level, as well as various black community organisations. Black South Africans have been disgruntled for some time now by the influx of Africans who are willing to work for much less and take their jobs. The current crises is the direct result of the regime’s open door policy to African immigrants.

In a desperate attempt to distract from the regime as the cause of the crises S’bu Ndebele points out that foreign whites are still excluded from the attacks. At face value his statement seems to intend demonstrating that whites are responsible for the attacks. It is however clear that he has a much more sinister intent. Ndebele, well known for his anti-white racist views, is clearly indulging in pointing out a new target group for the attackers. Though Ndebele singles out English, Portuguese and German foreigners SA Genocide Monitor recommends that all South African residents and citizens with English, Portuguese and German surnames take extra care of their personal safety.

Within the Africanist consciousness of the SA regime it can only be postulated that their ideologues sees the current wave of xenophobic attacks as a potential prelude and opportunity to violently purge South Africa of all its whites.


Die aanslag op Pretoria (Onslaught against Afrikaners’ Pretoria)

Above: Blacks attacking a white owned home in Pretoria

This article appeared on the Praag website last year when the SA regime made its first announcement that it intends destroying Afrikaner communities. As the SA regime has announced its recent plans to continue with this much feared policy we decided to place this editorial:

Die aanslag op Pretoria

Geskryf deur Vlad du Plessis
Dinsdag, 30 Januarie 2007

(Also See: South African regime plans to destroy Pretoria’s Afrikaner communities)

In der waarheid sou dit onakkuraat wees om bloot te verwys na ‘n aanslag op Pretoria. Immers is die geweldsmisdaad deur die hele Suid-Afrika nou so wydlopend dat geen dorp of stad meer ontsien word nie. Die situasie is egter besonder erg in Gauteng en die afgelope maande sien mens veral ‘n intensifisering van geweldsmisdaad in die blanke voorstede en woonbuurte van Pretoria.

Hoewel misdaad reeds sedert 1994 ‘n probleem in SA geword het, blyk dit dat anti-blanke propaganda deur die regime se uitsaaikorporasie (SABC) veral oor die afgelope jaar tot ‘n dramatiese toename in haatmisdaad teen blankes lei. Wat veral kommerwekkend is, is die “Mau-Mau”-tipe aanvalle wat voorheen tot die plase beperk was, maar wat nou na voorstedelike buurte versprei het. Henri Boshoff van die ISS verwys na lg. as “huisaanvalle”. Veelseggend genoeg, weier die regime egter om erkenning aan so ‘n misdaadkategorie te gee. Terwyl die steel van ‘n skootrekenaar of selfoon tydens sulke aanvalle as blote verdoeseling van die werklike motief , nl. terrorisme, aangewend word, moet die sinistere aard hiervan dringend en in diepte ondersoek word. Verslae uit blanke gemeenskappe wat aan Zimbabwe grens, dat daardie mislukte staat tans terroristekampe huisves, is baie waarskynlik gegrond op die waarheid. Eenhede van Apla en Umkhonto wat nie in die SANW opgeneem is nie of wat ontnugter is daaroor, het hulself gewend tot hul eie oplossing vir die “wit probleem” in Suid-Afrika. Deur transitorooftogte en ander tipes roof sou hulle hul opleidingskampe kon finansier, terwyl hul bankrot Zanu-PF-gasheer sekerlik ook ‘n meevallertjie hieruit verdien. Meer inligting oor hierdie onderwerp is noodsaaklik en daardie blanke of Afrikanerorganisasies wat tans oor die bestaande inligting beskik, sal openbare uitspake hieroor moet lewer.

Waar die terroristebendes wat plase en voorstedelike huise aanval ook al hul presiese oorsprong het, bly dit ‘n gewewe dat hulle militêr opgelei blyk te wees en dat hulle hul afgryslike operasies met ‘n politieke doelwit uitvoer. Terwyl die ANC-regime klaarblyklik beheer oor bykans alle wetstoepassing (behalwe belasting insameling) verloor het, dra dit beslis kennis van die terrorisme teen blankes. Daarvoor hoef die regime bloot koerant te lees. Tog maak hulle geen uispraak daaroor nie en wend geen poging aan om dit te bestry nie. Duidelik dra dit hul stille (of deelnemende?) goedkeuring. Deur voortdurende anti-wit propaganda en
beleidsimplementerings soos die afskaffing van die kommandostelsel op die plase, skep die regime aktief ‘n klimaat vir sulke haatmisdaad. Dat hierdie soort aanvalle die afgelope tyd besonders erg op die groter Pretoria gefokus is, is ook geen toevallligheid nie. Behalwe die
naamsverandering van die stad is daar ook die beoogde demografiese sabotasie van Pretoria-oos. Die regime se beplanning van ‘n swart woonbuurt in ‘n stedelike area wat sekerlik die hartland van die Afrikaner is, is beslis kwaadwillig.

Deur die blanke bevolking van Pretoria te terroriseer met ‘Mau-Mau’-tipe huisaanvalle sowel as die plasing van ‘n swart demografiese swaard oor die kop van die welgestelde oostelike dele, voltrek die regime sy politieke aanslag teen die Afrikaner. Deur Afrikaners veral hier (hoewel ook elders) te probeer traumatiseer en verdryf, is dit skaakmat in die Afrikaner se opperste vesting.

Of is dit…?

Baie Afrikaners probeer nog goedgelowig wees teenoor die vyandige regime. Veral diegene in die Naspers-stal (wat toenemend deur bruin Marxistiese intellektuele beheer word), sowel as die beginsellose Afrikanergrootkapitaliste, is geneë met die regime en ignoreer of verdoesel die waarheid. Konstant probeer hulle die blanke bevolking tot onderdanigheid dwing deur onder andere na die veelrassige aard van misdaadslagoffers te verwys. Dít, terwyl alle aanduidinge bestaan dat die aanvalle op blanke individue en huishoudings ‘n besonderse ras-politieke motief het.

In wisselende grade besef die gemiddelde Afrikaner dat die gort nou gaar is. Die blote feit dat Suid Afrika oor die afgelope 10 jaar 20% van sy blanke bevolking (Engelse en Afrikaners) aan emigrasie verloor het, bevestig die benardheid van die situasie.

Die waarheid omtrent emigrasie is dat baie min van ons mens daarvoor kwalifiseer. Behalwe die finansiëlekoste-aspek, berus die immigrasiesisteme van die mees algemene bestemmings (Australië, Nieu-Seeland en Kanada) op strawwe puntestelsels. Die puntetoekennings is so gestruktureer dat alleen ons top vaardigheids- en sakelui daardeur toegelaat word. Die res van ons is hier vasgekeer… Terwyl die regime enige toekomstige bedreiging in ons probeer uitskakel deur ons sistematies te laat vermoor, te verdryf en te traumatiseer verkeer die meeste van ons nou met die rug teen die muur. Die enigste keuse wat vir die meeste van ons oorbly, behalwe vir daardies wat reeds vermoor is, is om in onderdanige vrees te lewe of te veg (vreedsaam of andersins).

Die regime se strategie met Pretoria wentel ooglopend rondom die verafrikanisering van die stad. Die verandering van die stad se naam het sielkundig ‘n dissosiërende uitwerking op baie van die inwoners. Die nuwe naam maak van die stad iets vreemds, iets waarvan afstand gedoen kan word. Deur ‘n swart buurt in die hartland van ‘n hoëklaswoonbuurt aan te kondig word eiendomspryse afwaarts gedwing wat die uiteindelike degradering van die voorstede na ‘n swart werkersklasomgewing bespoedig.

Die vooruitsig van die verswarting van die voorstede tesame met ‘n (stil goedgekeurde) terreurveldtog teen die inwoners veroorsaak sielkundige en sosiale trauma. Die traumatisering van die blanke bevolking is waarskynlik daarop gemik om die inwoners tot ‘n gevoel van magteloosheid aan te spoor. Indien die inwoners voel dat daar geen salf meer aan te smeer is nie sal hulle verjaag word. Diegene wat geheel en al oorweldig voel deur die situasie kan doodeenvoudig boedel oorgee en hulself laat “assimileer”. Sodoende word die sterkste Afrikanergeografiesevestiging vernietig. Dit kan ons nie toelaat nie. Sowel die regime as sy ondersteuners gaan nou te ver. Pretoria is die punt waar ons die spreekwoordelike streep in die sand moet trek.

Sonder om noodwendig (in elk geval aanvanklik) millitêr op te tree, sal ons moet begin om beheer oor die situasie te herwin. Langer kan ons nie toelaat dat die regime se Einzatsgrupen die nagtelike ure regeer of dat ons gedreig word met ‘n demografiese verswelging in ons hartland nie. Meer as enige plek het Pretoria (veral die ooste) die potensiaal om ‘n Afrikanerstadstaat te raak. Met geen opsies oor nie sal ons vinnig en dinamies moet organiseer. Ons kan nie langer die respondente tot die regime se diktaat wees nie, maar eerder sal ons self ‘n nuwe verhaal moet begin skryf. Hoe meer Afrikaners besef hoe baie ander soos hulle oor hierdie saak voel, sal ons trauma en woede vinnig omskakel in vasbeslote selfvertroue en handeling. Elkeen van ons sal dit egter in onsself moet vind om uitgesproke te raak, deel te neem aan aksies wat georganiseer word en om nie meer tot stilswye geïntimideer te word nie. Stilbly is vir seker ‘n resep vir ons spoedige einde.


South African regime plans to destroy Pretoria’s Afrikaner communities

As part of the ANC-Communist regime’s attempt to destroy white and Afrikaner middle class communities in the Afrikaner city of Pretoria, it plans to occupy these communities via the creation of mass black working class settlements in their midst. This absurd social engineering scheme is intended to destroy these Afrikaner communities by turning Afrikaners into a minority in their own neighbourhoods, destroying real estate prices and creating conditions for ethnic tension to flourish. Turning Afrikaner communities into Black Settlements will also mean that Afrikaners will no longer have any representation on the City Council.

These settlements are clearly along the same principles as those by the Israeli’s in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. The international community has taken a clear stance against the Israeli example. Destroying ethnic communities by means of settlement is illegal according to the rights of people’s under international law. Furthermore this violation of Afrikaner’s minority rights is also a transgression of Section 235 of the South African constitution.

SA Genocide Monitor appeals to Afrikaners not to accept this deliberate attempt by these Africanist Communists to destroy their communities and to take any and all measures possible to resist this gross violation of minority rights.

Geskryf deur verslaggewer
Woensdag, 28 Mei 2008


Conrad Beyers
Die Vryheidsfront Plus het gesê dat nóg ‘n nuwe plan deur die Tshwane-metroraad om massalaekostebehuising op prima-eiendom in die stad op te rig, tot mislukking gedoem is vanweë eenvoudige ekonomiese beginsels.

Die plan is op ‘n verrassende wyse ernstig gekritiseer deur die Departement Stadsbeplanning, Ontwikkeling en Streeksdienste deur na die plan te verwys as “sosiale ingenieurswese” en deur sy bedenkinge oor aspekte van die plan uit te spreek.

In ‘n verslag getiteld “Proposed provisional restructuring zones in Tshwane for social housing development” beveel die ANC aan dat laekoste sosiale behuisingskomplekse dwarsoor die stad opgerig moet word met die doel om “sosiale herstrukturering – deur die vermenging van rasse en klasse te bevorder”. Hierdie verslag sal more (Donderdag 29 Mei 2008) voor die raad dien.

Die gebiede wat geteiken word sluit in Menlyn, Lynnwood Glen, Centurion, Pretoria-Noord, Mountain View en die Moot-area (wat Capitalpark, Les Marais, Parktown Estate, Mayville, Wonderboom-Suid, Gezina, Villieria, Rietfontein en Rietondale insluit).

Volgens mnr. Conrad Beyers, VF Plus-raadslid, kan die stad dit nie bekostig om ‘n verdere skok aan besighede en huiseienaars, in gebiede wat ‘n baie belangrike deel van die raad se inkomstebasis uitmaak, te stuur nie. Deur groot laekoste woonstelblokke in areas soos Menlyn, Centurion, die Moot en elders te bou, sal sakevertroue skaad en eiendomswaardes laat tuimel.

“Die ANC skep meer behuisingsplanne as huise en die DA ondersteun elkeen van die planne blindelings. Sedert die Maart 2006-verkiesing het ons talle ambisieuse nuwe planne vir behuising gesien, maar geen huise word fisies gebou nie”, het Beyers gesê.

In die verslag spreek die Departement Stadsbeplanning, Ontwikkeling en Streeksdienste sy bedenkinge uit oor die plan om laekoste-behuising in areas soos Centurion en Menlyn op te rig. Die Departement sê ook dat die nuwe plan op “sosiale ingenieurswese” neerkom en dat dit nie “nie geforseer behoort te word nie”. In verdere kommentaar waarsku die Departement dat die stadsraad “nie aan die mark moet dikteer nie” en ook dat die stadsraad se opinie dat daar plek is vir sosiale behuising in privaatsektor-gedrewe areas “nie die korrekte uitgangspunt is nie”.

Die VF Plus het gesê dat die ANC beloof het om huise vir mense in armer gebiede, amptelik bekend as die ‘Zone of Choice’, te bou. Hierdie huise is nie gebou nie en hierdie gemeenskappe voel al hoe meer verraai en vergete.

Die VF Plus het sy oproep herhaal dat die stadsraad eerder met aggressiewe behuisings- en ekonomiese inisiatiewe in arm gebiede moet begin om die probleme op te los.

“Daar is geen twyfel dat die gebreekte ANC-beloftes tot die publieke woede in arm gebiede bygedra het nie. Die ANC het nog eens begin om huise te bou en ekonomiese ontwikkeling te doen in die ‘Zone of Choice’ nie. Hulle maak net weer ‘n nuttelose plan op papier.”


The governing marxist alliance

The South African regime’s Marxist nature also manifests itself in its Soviet inspired symbols as can be viewed below:

The three parties to the governing allaince are the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), the African National Congress (ANC) and the South African Communist Party (SACP). This Marxist government is responsible for the Silent Genocide. Its central policy document is the Marxist ‘Freedom Charter’.

COSATU: This extreme Marxist federation of black labour unions is often vocal in its anti-white stance.

ANC: This racist Africanist organisation is responsible for driving hate based policies and practices against South African whites as well as against the West in general.

SACP: The SACP is the last of the great Stalinist communist parties. Besides its anti western stance it has at numerous instances, to date, argued for the violent purge of whites from South Africa.